Cost of MDDP and BAIID

How much does it cost to have a BAIID installed for an MDDP in Illinois?

by Sami Azhari on February 7, 2010

When a driver loses his license due to summary suspension, if he is a first offender (i.e., no prior summary suspensions, supervisions or convictions for DUI in the last five years), he is eligible for a driving permit called a Monitoring Device Driving Permitt (MDDP). The MDDP allows the driver to operate his vehicle during the summary suspension. The summary suspension is six months for a blood alcohol content greater than 0.08 or positive urine screen or blood draw for cannabis, a controlled substance, or methamphetamine. If the driver refuses any chemical test, then the summary suspension is for a period of one year.

The MDDP requires the installation of a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in the driver’s vehicle. All vehicles titled in the driver’s name must also have a BAIID installed. The MDDP is not valid until after 30 days of the suspension have passed (i.e., it is effective on the 31st day of the summary suspension).

The costs of a BAIID are very high, which is why it is critical to challenge the statutory summary suspension in a hearing. (The manner of challenging a summary suspension is explained elsewhere on this site.)

The driver must pay two organizations for the BAIID: the provider and the Secretary of State. The provider is a private company licensed to participate in the BAIID program by the Secretary of State. The installation fee payable to the provider is a minimum of $85 (paid once). After the installation fee, the driver must pay to rent the machine, which is a minimum of $80 each month (for 6 or 12 month suspension). Finally, the provider must be paid to de-install the device, which is $100 (paid once).

In addition to the above, the Secretary of State must be paid monitoring fees. These fees must be paid up front, in advance. Currently the Secretary of State BAIID Program charges $30 per month in monitoring fees. Recall that the MDDP is no good for the first month. Therefore, the fees paid up front to the Secretary of State are $150 (5 months) or $330 (11 months).

As you can see, the BAIID Program is very costly. That is why you must file that petition to rescind summary suspension at the earliest opportunity. A good lawyer may be able to win your summary suspension hearing.

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